Monday, April 19, 2010

R.I.P Carl Macek (1951-2010)

You know, in the last few entries I mentioned a man by the name of Carl Macek who was responsible for bringing many anime, including Robotech, to America. Sadly he passed away today because of a heart attack.

My personal reaction is just of shock. In the midst of me writing about my history with anime it seems almost ironic one of the key figures passes away in the middle of my blog writings. You can say a lot of things about the man but he was one of the main reasons anime was pioneered in the US, and his passing such a great loss.



  1. Ah, man. That is sad to hear. :-(

  2. It's a real gutpunch. I'm one of those "old schoolers" who got into anime because of ROBOTECH and most of what Carl Macek worked on, and even though there were (and still are) the haters out there, the man made serious contributions to this industry, and in getting it out from the underground into the light of day.

    And he did a lot of this at a time when there was no internet, no downloaded content, no specialized cable channels, and very few specialized magazines (just fanzines, really). That's saying something.

    He's going to be missed.