Saturday, May 26, 2012


Okay so about two years ago I was pretty green. Coming fresh off of DVD reveiws from I thought I could give anime blogging a shot. Boy, was I in over my head. Only having covered one anime (Macross:Do You Rememver Love?) I switched gears and gave my own kind of oral history on the anime industry leaving off with the beginning of the anime recession. This was Summer 2010 and here it is Summer 2012 where I'm using the return of the "Toonami" brand to spearhead a return to my own blogging.

Firstly I'm to explain how this works. My personal life I have to juggle a lot of stuff so I can't be consistent as say the likes of Astronerdboy but since I have time off for Memorial Day weekend I'm going to do several things.

1. Finish my article on the anime industry with the phenomenon of how internet streaming has affected the industry.

2. Start another article commenting on Toonami's rebirth and come up on theories on what this could mean for the industry.

3. Actually blog reviews on the two new Toonami shows: Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland. Giving synopsis' and opinions.

You guys can expect the these things to be posted sometime between Sunday evening to Monday evening. Hopefully if all goes well I can keep this up at a weekly pace.

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  1. Heh!heh! Blaming Toonami, eh? ^_~ I kid of course. ^_^