Saturday, March 1, 2014

Returning with a new focus

Alright so this blog hasn't been utilized for awhile. I took a break from it because of other responsibilities and passions. I also wanted to return with a renewed focus and purpose if I was going to continue blogging. 

This main goal of this post is state that I will continue to offer my commentary of the change in the US anime industry. Given many of the changes in Toonami's programming since my last post I will continue to post of observations. One of the changes I'm making is I'm expanding my commentary to animation and artwork study. I'm also not limiting it to anime alone (even though it will be the primary focus) and expanding my commentary to video games, manga, comic books and so on.

Before I delve back into Toonami I'm going to post an article study the evolution in 2D art for the Super Mario series. A few things brought this on, mainly, the release of Hyrule Historia as a visual guide for the evolution in the Zelda series. As a gamer I made many observations on how the artwork in the Super Mario series has evolved growing up. Surprisingly a lot of these changes are glossed over as the earlier art keeps getting replaced with retouched versions done in the "modern-retro" style. Since I don't think Nintendo plans on giving Mario the "Historia" treatment anytime soon I wanted to at least post my own findings.

For now I'll  try to consistently put up a few articles throughout the week but I have to try and find my pace balancing some of my other projects. Expect the Mario art study article within the week.

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